Small Business Week

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Customer Service
Monday, May 3, 2021
Vanessa Spiron, MPA
11am – 12pm
at the WC Chamber

Quality service encounters are vital in all business sectors. Whether you work directly with customers or solely interact with colleagues, your service should be top-notch. Great customer and colleague experiences are essential for sales, efficient processes, and a great reputation. Participants learn techniques for positive customer service, tools for handling complaints, and important communication practices.

Team Building Through Healthy Conflict
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Dustin Bannister, Ed.D., M. Div.
at the WC Chamber

“Very few words can cause tension, heighten emotions, or create the desire to flee like the word conflict does. Conflict can ruin healthy dynamics, invite paralysis, and eat up an organization’s resources without mercy. And if we are honest, most of us would rather just avoid it, no matter what that might cost.

But…what if it did not have to be this way?

What if conflict were to loosen its grip on the controls of our organizations, in order to become the block upon which our teams were built? What if, instead of running from conflict, we began to see it as a way to strengthen relationships, create new possibilities, and transform our organizations? What if that feeling of tension pointed us in the direction of growth, rather than towards the exit sign?

And that’s just it, it can.

So, join us as we explore conflict, and began to see how it might lay the foundation upon which our healthiest team dynamics can emerge.”

Increasing Your Online Presence
Friday, May 7, 2021
Vanessa Spiron, MPA
1pm – 2pm
at the WC Chamber

Have you thought about moving your in-person business online or increasing your online presence? Having a superb online presence is a MUST in today’s world. This class will guide you through decisions and actions to increase your online presence and includes insider tips to save you time and money.